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“Having children is a matter of nature; but raising them and educating them in
the virtues is a matter of mind and will.”

St. John Chrysostom

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According to  orthodoxinfo.com, “THE FOLLOWING ‘TIPS’ were sent us by Mother Pelagia of Lesna Convent, who prefaces them with the remark: ‘Orthodox families train their children from a very early age to acquire religious habits, in some of which I was myself, as a Protestant, brought up.’ Her first tips are. . .”



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When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments; tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become.”

Louis Pasteur

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The mission of Saint Nicholas of Myra is to build hope for the future by building character in our youth. To this end, Saint Nicholas of Myra encourages families to live fully the life of the Domestic Church and supports parents in reclaiming their God-given and timehonored role as primary caregivers and moral teachers of their children.

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